Trailer Solutions

Protect and maintain your trailer

Features that provides real-time insight into the status of every trailer and driver


Cost efficiency

Track Live locations and idling of vehicles to reduce fuel consumption, damages and maintenance costs


By monitoring the amount of fuel consumed you can reduce CO2 emissions and act environmentally ecofriendly.


Detection of harsh events ensures that your assets and your driver are well protected at all times.

    Trips Follow up           Tracks vehicle         Remote diagnostics   Temperature Sensor

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   Track & Trips follow up

Track and Trips follow up offers the information you need to be fully aware of everything related with the journey and progress of your truck. You can track the progress of driving routes, the current speed of the vehicle, and know whether your driver is resting or driving. You can also send instant messages and share routes to drives. Track and Trips follow up is the perfect solution for real-time insights of your truck, trailers and on forklifts.

We also provide a track and trace application, called Trailr for iOS and Android.


   Maintenance and Remote diagnostics


Gain insight into your fleet utilization. Easily download  assets which are not utilized and invest in time to meet your customer demand. Over-the-air vehicle diagnostics, real-time fault code alerts enable maintenance departments to prevent breakdowns and increase fleet uptime.

 Temperature control and Backdoor sensors

Control the transported goods real time through a temperature sensor. Get alerts of intruders through back door sensors.


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