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Who is concerned

The toll in Germany applies to vehicles with a weight of 7,5 tonnes or more on motorways and expressways.

What kind of OBU

The toll in Germany can be paid with the OBU from Toll Collect.
Its also possible to book online or buy tickets with our Logpay card.

Choose the solution matching your routes.

1/Via the Easytrip-Logpay card (no OBU needed) for post-pay service. No registration at Toll-Collect needed.

2/ Automatically via an On-Board Unit and opening an Easytrip-Logpay account for post-paid service (no card needed).
Easytrip will assist you with registration at Toll-Collect. The OBU is provided by Toll Collect free of charge and remains the property of Toll Collect GmbH.

3/This Toll Collect OBU also provides inter-operability with Austrian ASFINAG network, through TOLL2GO service.
The TOLL2GO service is free of charge for current Toll Collect and ASFINAG customers.  
You just need to register on TOLL2GO website (we can do it for you) and get the Easytrip-Logpay card for post-pay service.
If you are new customers (applying for an initial contract), ASFINAG charges an activation fee of EUR 5.00.
As the German and Austrian tolls are both invoiced by logpay, only registration at Toll Collect is needed.

4/Manually at special toll-pay terminals with a Toll Collect magnetic card payment and opening an Easytrip-Logpay account for post-paid service (no card needed).

Price of the network

The toll amounts in Germany (LKW-Maut) depend on: EURO Emission class of vehicles, axle number, the number of traveled kilometers.
The toll in Germany is not subject to VAT.


The toll in Germany is based on postpayment.


No rebates possible for the toll in Germany.

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